How a Bad Credit Car Loan Can Improve Your Credit

If you need a quality used car for daily family transportation or to get to work, having bad credit can get in the way of finding a good deal. The cars you want may be out of your reach because banks have already turned you down and you don't have the cash or trade in to finance the vehicle you need. If you are in this situation now, we may be able to help you by offering bad credit car loans. Not only may this help you get behind the wheel of a pre-owned vehicle as soon as possible, it might improve your credit score at the same time.

You Can Avoid Credit Inquiries  

Each time you apply for a loan through a bank, department store or other credit lender, that inquiry and its outcome can negatively affect your credit score. However, when you come to us for bad credit car loans and use in-house financing, you will not have to wait for us to inspect your credit or run the risk of lowering your score because of the inquiry.

Making Timely Payments May Raise Your Score  

While you may have bad credit through a number of unfortunate circumstances, such as a loss of employment or getting in over your head with a credit card when you were younger, taking on a car loan with us, even if it is a bad credit car loan, may help improve your score. When you make timely payments over a number of months, this will show other lenders you are back on the path to being responsible, and the on-time payments may raise your overall score.

A Payoff May Help You Secure Future Loans  

Once you pay off your car, the completed loan may help other lenders see you as less of a credit risk. This may be useful for the future if you want to buy a home or make another major purchase on credit.

Looking into bad credit car loans may help you steadily improve your credit score. No matter what your credit situation, we can help you find a loan to suit your needs.


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