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How to Take the Hassle out of Applying for Car Loans

Applying for loans is a process that virtually no one looks forward to. Although the application process may never be truly enjoyable, many people do not realize that there are a number of ways to make it much simpler. For people applying for car loans, including bad credit car loans, taking the following steps will make the process much more simple and streamlined.

First, it is important to come to the dealership prepared with your financial documents and ready to fully disclose all of the necessary information. We typically need to verify a borrower’s identity with documents such as a driver’s license and information such as address and social insurance number. We also need information on each borrower’s employer, income, and any other monthly payments or liabilities. This helps us determine what kind of loan terms we can offer.

If you are preparing to take out a car loan, you also need to have some idea of your budget beforehand. We can work with you to a large degree to determine what monthly payments and loan length would best fit your needs, but you need to have an idea of what you can pay each month and what you are looking to pay in the long run. It is in your best interests to sign up for an appropriate car loan the first time around, instead of having to try to modify any of the terms later.

Finally, it is beneficial if you have a little flexibility going into the lending process as a borrower. Knowing what you want is a positive thing, but when it comes to bad credit car loan terms, you may have to compromise a little if you want your loan to go through quickly so that you can drive off in your new car sooner.

There is no denying that securing a car loan does take some effort on the part of the borrower. However, if you keep these tips in mind you when you’re ready to take out a dealership car loan, you will have a significantly better chance of getting your loan with minimal hassle.

Get the Car You Love With Bad Credit Car Financing

Bad credit? No credit? Bankruptcy? No big deal. No matter what your credit history, we’re at your service. We offer a variety of special financing options that will allow you to purchase the car that catches your eye. If your credit is not ideal, call us and we can work with you to find the vehicle you want at a price that fits within your budget.

If you have filed for bankruptcy or fallen behind on your bills, you may think that an auto loan is out of your reach. But prepare to be surprised at the range of financing options available to you—we have a number of loans to meet a wide range of needs. We approve loans for new and used cars, with competitive interest rates and generous financing.

Why choose us? For starters, we have a staff knowledgeable about the financing process and ready to explain it all clearly and quickly. Our staff is trained to work with you until you have a car that you love at a price you can afford. We have a painless application and approval process. When you find the car you want to buy, we’ll do the rest for you, finding the best loan for you and helping you get approval in no time.

The moment you come to our dealership, we give you personalized service, allowing you to choose the car you’ve always wanted and working hard to ensure that you walk away with a done deal. We’re flexible in adjusting our financing plans to meet your unique situation, and we stop at nothing until you’re satisfied. Whether you have bad credit, no credit, or other financial bad luck, we help you get the vehicle you want no matter what.

Today’s economy has left many people with less-than-perfect credit histories. If you find yourself in this boat, just remember that there are options for you. Come see our friendly, qualified staff today and we’ll help you secure the car of your dreams and get you back on the road.

4 Ways to Get the Most Out of Your Used Car

Sometimes, getting something pre-owned or pre-used is unappealing and undesirable. Often, the thought of being handed down an object or product that someone else has possessed makes a person feel awkward or anxious. Of course, everyone likes things to be new, fresh, cutting edge. This can’t always be the case. Fortunately, with cars, old can sometimes not only be satisfactory but fun and enjoyable. If you’re thinking about purchasing a used car, of if you’ve recently gotten one, consider these ways having the best possible experience. You can enjoy many years with used cars if you take the right steps.

Get Regular Maintenance

It’s interesting that people often treat newer things with much more care and consideration than used items. It’s the same with cars. Sometimes people think because it’s older that it doesn’t matter what rough you are with it or if you neglect require repairs or upkeep. Some may figure it’s going to break down soon anyway, so why bother? Don’t have this attitude. Getting regular oil changes, other fluid changes, and additional recommended and required maintenance can add years to your used car, even if it’s already well along in years.

Drive Carefully

As with any car, don’t speed and obey traffic laws. Use common sense. Don’t batter your car through needless recklessness. This will only accelerate the aging process or risk damage. Don’t think that just because used cars are older that running them into the ground will have little effect.

Get Required Inspections and Registrations

When it’s time to get a safety inspection for your used car, take care of it. Don’t assume that it’s fine to overlook this step simply because you’re driving a “beater” car. Not only does law require inspections, but they’ll ensure you’ll be able to get to your destination without problems. Neglecting safety inspections puts you at risk for major hassles and problems you can easily avoid.

Use the Right Fuel and Fluids

Similar to point No. 1, you should be mindful of what you’re putting in your vehicle. Used cars run much better on high-mileage oil and higher-octane gas. Performance will improve and the life will be enhanced when you pay close attention to these easily forgotten recommendations. Don’t skimp on these because of cost. Forgetting these essentials will cost you in the long run anyway. Better to take care of things now rather than wait for the unwelcomed surprise later. You’ll be grateful you took the time.

4 Smart Reasons for Buying a Used Car

Your old car broke down after many, many years of use, and now you’re in the market for a new to you vehicle. While you have plenty of options out there in terms of vehicles, there are a few smart reasons why you should look into used cars for your next purchase.

1 Value

The used cars you find will already have been through one or more owner, and they will still be in good enough condition to have another owner. You can’t beat value like that, especially if you plan on selling your used car in the future and going with a different model.

2 Price

The best things about used cars is their price. If you don’t have a ton of money to spend or you are simply looking for a way to keep your expenses low, used is the way to go. However, as with any purchase, make sure that you save up for a solid down payment before you head into our dealership looking for financing.

3 Dependability

You want a car you can rely on day in and day out. In this sense, used cars are beneficial because they have already proven their dependability over the years. Plus, we inspect all of our used cars before they’re put out there to make sure they’re ready for sale.

4 Safety

Not only do you want your car to be dependable, but you also want it to be safe when you drive it. If you find a used car on our lot, you can rest easy knowing that it is still safe to drive.

When it comes to buying used cars, make sure that you set a budget for yourself and stick with it when you come in to take a look at our selection. This way, you drive away with a car that’s safe and dependable for a price you feel comfortable with.

First Time Car Loan Budget Tips

Buying your first car is an exciting time in your life that you more likely than not want to share with other people. It’s not surprising that you might feel proud of your accomplishments by this time. Your car buying experience can be made more practical by basing your purchase off of your budget. A professional auto dealer can also help you to secure financing based on your budget, so keep the following tips in mind to get the right financing.

A consideration a first time car buyer needs to make is how much the car could cost in repairs. A person needs to establish an accurate budget in order to ensure that all bills, especially car loans, get paid, and car upkeep should most likely be a part of that calculation. A car dealer might be able to help a first time car buyer understand which cars are projected to need what amount of repairs. A person trying to buy a car could think about asking a dealer for assistance if that person wants assistance in understanding the different types of cars.

Another helpful technique for you to use when thinking about how to pay for your first car is to define what kind of car you need. A person’s requirements can vary from region to region, block to block. The roads near you may prove difficult during the winter months, so you might prefer a more rugged car. Alternatively, you may be struggling to find parking space in the city and therefore opt to find a smaller car. These are two examples that can both help you brainstorm about the kind of car you need. Then you can base your budget for your car off of your projected needs.

Then all that is left to do is visit the dealership and try out the car. Once you confirm that it is the right car for you, the dealership can help you with the details of getting your car loan based on your budget.

Even With Slow Credit, You Can Qualify for a Car Loan

Shopping for a car should be fun and exciting. If you have credit issues, you may be dreading the experience. We want to help you get a car loan so you can have reliable transportation. Our dealership specializes in assisting consumers with credit problems. Slow credit car loans are available, but you will need to be prepared before you come in.

We believe everyone needs a chance to fix their credit. Often, the financing options for people with slow credit involve having the payments automatically taken out of the account before the actual deadline. With steady income and a bank account, you may qualify for more car than you thought possible.

Taking the time to look at your credit and fix the errors before you apply for financing is a good idea. If you are not under a time crunch to purchase a new vehicle, spend 3-4 months making payments on time to improve your credit. If you can’t wait, work with our dealership to find the right financing.

Before you shop for cars, get pre-approved for the right financing. Then you will know exactly how much you have to spend on your car before you shop. Our professional sales team will help you find the right vehicle to meet your needs and stay within your budget. You can test drive as many different cars or trucks as you choose.

Slow credit car loans that are automatically deducted from your account will improve your score over time. After a year of regular payments, it is possible to get refinanced with lower interest rates or into a better car. Don’t let your poor credit keep you from getting the vehicle you need to get to your job. Let our dealership help you find the financing so you can rebuild your credit.

Bring the fun back into the experience when you are assured you will be able to afford the vehicle you’re test driving. Find the right financing company by going through our dealership. We have many options for slow credit car loans. We want to give you the chance to fix your credit and drive the car you want.

Buying a Used Vehicle with Poor Credit: The Basics

There are many reasons why you might find yourself dealing with a poor credit rating. Illness, the loss of a job or other unexpected events may cause a serious drop in your credit score, which can make it difficult to get financing for a used car. However, there are ways you can secure bad credit car loans, and we’d like to give you a few tips for getting started and what to expect.

Understanding Poor Credit Car Financing

Before you seek out non-traditional car loans due to your poor credit, it’s wise to understand how these loans differ from one you might receive from a bank or large financing company. Bad credit car loans are usually offered by used car dealerships and have a variety of interest rates. These rates might be higher than ones offered to those with better credit, but you can always compare what different dealerships offer you before you decide.

What to Expect at the Dealership

When you visit a dealership that offers bad credit car loans, you can expect loan officers to work closely with you to understand exactly what you can afford. They may pull your credit report, but not all lenders judge your ability to pay simply by that number. If you have steady employment and are working to repair your credit, that may be enough to secure a loan.

Loan Terms

If you have poor credit, you may be offered a long-term loan that can help lower the cost of monthly payments. The length of the loan may vary with dealerships, but some can extend up to five years. If you accept one of these loans, make sure you tell the loan officer exactly what you can afford in terms of payments and whether you will have the option to refinance in the future, if your credit permits.

Having poor credit can make it difficult to secure a used car loan. However, when you understand the basics of bad credit car loans and how they can benefit you, the road to financial growth may be easier to navigate.

Tips to Get a Good Deal Financing a Used Car

Buying used cars is a great way to get a vehicle at a good price. Many people find that they may not have the cash to buy the vehicle outright, which is why financing the deal is a good idea. Dealerships like ours will often work with buyers in order to get the price right, but there are several things consumers can do to make sure the deal works for their budgets.

Before even stepping into a dealership, potential buyers should be familiar with their credit reports. In many cases, there are errors on the report that can hurt someone’s credit score and thus the interest rate on the loan. Consumers should always dispute an error to make sure they are going into a potential loan with the best credit score possible.

It is important to pay attention to the total loan amount rather than just the monthly payment. The monthly payment is easily determined by dividing the total loan amount by the terms of the agreement. Focusing just on the monthly payment could mean getting a bigger loan spread out over a longer period of time.

Having a car as a trade-in or putting money down is another good way to lower the borrowed amount. Many dealers enjoy working with buyers who can offer collateral upfront, which in the end could mean getting a better deal.

Lastly, buyers should always be clear on the fine print. Before agreeing to anything, a consumer should know the loan term, interest rate, monthly payments and down payment. If a lender states that the financing is conditional, it is best to wait to agree on anything until all the details have been finalized.

Consumers who want to get a great car at a good price can easily do so by browsing used cars. They should always have a good idea of their credit scores and how to negotiate a better loan deal by putting down money and focusing on the total loan amount. Taking these steps will help ease the financing process.

Getting Approved With Bad Credit

Many people find themselves in the position of having less-than-stellar credit for a variety of reasons. Often, many of these reasons may have nothing to do with an individual’s ability to regulate their spending, or being foolish or wasteful in racking up unnecessary debt. Unfortunately, the credit bureaus do not differentiate between someone who deliberately pays bills late or defaults on obligations, and someone who is trying very hard to keep above water financially, but who has simply fallen on hard times and is trying to make ends meet. Once your credit history becomes speckled with late payments, bankruptcies, or other negative reporting, it can be very difficult to get things going in the right direction again.

It used to be that only the best of the best credit scores were eligible for vehicle financing, while anyone who fell short of that was forced to rely on public transportation, taxicabs, or the goodwill of family, friends, or coworkers. Not having your own car can be exhausting and can limit your freedom in going anywhere, anytime. Wouldn’t it be nice to go out for a night on the town without constantly checking your watch to make sure you can make it home before your public transportation stops running for the evening? In addition, while owning a vehicle comes with certain financial considerations—such as gas, insurance, and maintenance—not owning a car can often cost you a significant amount of money, too. Bus and rapid transit fares can add up quickly. What’s more, limiting your mobility and independence can cost you if you’re looking for a new job.

Bad credit car loans can and do exist. In fact we specialize in getting you approved, no matter what your credit background may be. You don’t have to feel embarrassed—we work with people who come from a wide range of financial backgrounds, and are experts in matching you with a bank or lender that can help. Apply today!

5 Benefits of Used Cars

When you set out to look for your dream car, you want one that has all the right features but doesn’t break the bank. Used car dealerships offer you myriad car choices, and they are your best bet for finding that perfect car. Here are five of the benefits of buying used cars.

The first and perhaps most obvious benefit of a used car is the lower price sticker. The steepest depreciation in value comes in the first two or three years of a car’s life. When you buy used, you profit from that depreciation, whereas an original car owner inevitably takes a serious financial hit on trade-in.

Used cars tend to come with lower down payments as well as lower prices. Furthermore, insurance and taxes on your used car will be less expensive, which means you have more money in your wallet at the end of the month.

If you want a car loaded with all the hottest tech, the latest safety features or the cleanest engine developments, you have plenty of options to choose from among cars made in the last two to four years. You can get a thoroughly modern car without the sticker shock or the drastic depreciation.

If you are operating on a tight budget, cars older than four years are probably the ones in your sights. Although buying an older used car may not leave you with Bluetooth compatibility, you will still have access to plenty of safety features in cars that date as far back as early 2010.

Last but not least, if your passion is classic cars, you have only one option. Used is the only way to go.

There are plenty of other benefits to buying used cars. These cars give you the greatest bang for your buck and offer you the widest purchasing variety.