Finding The Right Car For You

Are you in the market for a used car? We know that you have a number of choices to choose from. Here’s how we can help you find the car that’s just right for you.


Budget Conscious

We understand that now everyone has the same spending abilities. That’s why we never attempt to force anyone outside of their comfort zone. Not only do we want you to be comfortable while riding in your car, but we also want you to be comfortable making your payments. Our team will work as hard as we can to get you into the best car your budget can afford.



We price our cars to sell. All of our cars are priced at or below market value. We don’t want to engage in long, drawn-out negotiations. We believe that the smoother your experience, the more likely you are to come back and refer your friends and family.


Car History

We do a complete background check on all of our used cars and we share that information with you when you visit our dealership. We don’t like surprises, and we don’t want you to have any surprises after you’ve purchased your car. Any cars with a questionable history are not accepted by our dealership.



This is probably the most important thing to you as a shopper. You’re probably looking for a car because your current car is no longer reliable. As a result, we don’t want to have you drive off in anything that’s unreliable. We pride ourselves on having the highest quality used cars. Our business is driven by customer reviews and referrals and we would not want to jeopardize that in any way.


Now that you know what to expect from our dealership, feel free to visit us anytime to take a look at our fantastic inventory. Our representatives are available to answer any questions you may have.

What to Check on a Used Car

If you don’t know a lot about cars, you may be unsure about what to look at when checking out a car. While mechanical issues may be above the heads of everyone who isn’t actually qualified to be a mechanic, there are somethings that everyone can check for when buying a used car to make sure that you are happy with your purchase.

Previous Damage

Most of the time any previous damage is going to be fixed and there won’t be any issues with the used vehicle. However, some types of previous damage can matter to people. For example, if the car ever caught fire, it may smell a little bit like smoke. Most people wouldn’t even notice, but if you have asthma, you might notice it and while not dangerous, it may be irritating, which would be a pain to deal with. This could be similar with smoking fumes or water damage that can leave behind almost indiscernible smells.

Working Parts

A lot of people only want an engine and seat with wheels, but if you are looking for a little bit more than that you can make sure that all of the extra features of the car work. This can refer to all of the knobs on the radio, if the A/C runs at full power, (depending on where you live it might not matter) as well as if the car can use windshield wiper fluid. These are definitely not essentials on a vehicle, but if they are important features to you, be sure to check for them.

Color and Comfort

The last thing is to check out how the car looks and maybe take a seat inside of it. It may not seem important now, but if you are spending a lot of time with a car, you will start to care whether it is comfortable. There are a lot of cars, so finding one that matches your taste shouldn’t be too hard.

Why Buying a Used Car Can Be a Good Choice

Now that you’re in the market for your next ride, you have the option to purchase a new or pre-owned vehicle. Here’s why purchasing a used car may be a good choice.


Great Value


Used cars are pretty inexpensive, which of course depends on the make and model. If you desire an upscale model but can’t afford the new sticker price on it, purchasing used can be your chance to grab it. Buying used also allows you to get features that you might not be able to afford otherwise. You can also opt for a certified pre-owned vehicle, which has been thoroughly inspected. However, even if you purchase a used car that might need some maintenance like a transmission fluid change or new floor mats, you already purchased the vehicle at a bargain price and can afford to spend some money on these little things.


Affordable Financing


Given the low price of used cars, check to see if you’re able to pay for it in cash. If not, the good news is that financing a used vehicle is pretty affordable. This is because financing a used car can be done for a short term, which means that you won’t have to pay that much interest in it. Even if you have a bad credit and can’t get a great interest rate on your loan, keep in mind that you are already getting a bargain vehicle, and the money that you saved on your purchase can be used for financing.


Inexpensive Insurance


Since the value of a used car is often not that high, insuring it doesn’t cost that much. If you’re on a budget, buying used allows you to save even more money in the long run. It’s up to you to decide if you’re comfortable with having only liability insurance on your vehicle. These considerations can bring down your monthly bill. Furthermore, should you really get some dings and dents in your car, you are probably not that upset about it since it’s used anyway.


Purchasing a used car can be a good choice. Now you can figure out if a used car makes sense for you.

How to Increase Your Confidence as a Used Car Shopper

Shopping for used cars can be quite a challenge, even if you have purchased one in the past. The market can change from one month to the next, which can make it difficult to know if you are getting the best possible deal. However, there are ways to feel more confident when browsing car lots, and we’re here to share these tips with you.


Increase Your Buyer’s Knowledge


Before you set out to buy a used car, it might help you to learn all you can about the overall process. Learn which questions you should ask the lot salesmen, what paperwork you should carry with you and what information you should know about different methods of financing. When you shop used cars armed with plenty of information, you can feel more confident about the process.


Lead with Logic


When you find the used car of your dreams, getting excited is a normal reaction. However, letting that love guide your car-buying decisions can put you in over your head financially. When you browse lots, let logic lead you and try to avoid falling for vehicles because of how they look. Remember what you can afford, look at your choices with a critical eye and remain reserved, even if you find a car that interests you.


Bring Along a Mechanic


If you have a friend or family member who is a mechanic or who is handy with cars, bringing him or her along on your car-buying trips can help you feel more confident about test drives, questions about mileage and how to obtain vehicle reports. Having a mechanic along also means you can ask him or her about which vehicles are known for their reliability and which ones don’t have a positive track record.


When you feel confident about browsing used cars, you can focus on your individual needs instead of worrying about whether you’re getting a good deal. This can help you choose a car that’s the perfect match for you, no matter where you drive it.

Putting a Down Payment on a Used Car: What You Should Know

Browsing for used cars can be an exciting venture. Learning about different makes and models can make you a savvy shopper, but the most important factor in making a purchase is how you plan to pay for your vehicle. If you are saving up a down payment before you buy, we would like to offer you some tips and advice about down payments and how to use them to your best advantage.


Lower Financed Cost


If you do not have a down payment saved up before you buy, you may want to consider waiting until you can come up with it, if possible. Buying a used car with no down payment means a larger total the lender or dealership must finance to you. Even if you can offer $1,000 as a down payment, this can lower the total cost of the vehicle overall.


Calculating a Down Payment


A dealership may let you know how much they require as a down payment on any of their used cars, or they may ask what you have to offer. A down payment can come in the form of cash or a trade in. However, if you plan to trade in your old vehicle, you might want to know its value first. Typically, you should plan to pay at least ten to fifteen percent of a car’s total cost as a down payment.


A Down Payment May Affect Interest Costs


Being able to offer a down payment on a pre-owned vehicle may result in a better interest rate. The more you can offer, the more flexible the lender may be when it comes to finding you a competitive rate. You may want to ask your lender or dealership about their interest offers and how much of a down payment is required for you to get the best rates.


The financial end of car shopping can be puzzling. However, understanding how a down payment can affect the monthly payment cost and the interest rates on used cars may help you find a great deal on your next vehicle.

Buying a Used Car: Tips for Senior Drivers

Whether you are a senior citizen planning to buy a used car or someone who is helping your senior parents or relative find a quality vehicle, older drivers have certain needs that you should consider before you buy. We would like to offer you golden-age drivers a few tips that can help you shop for used cars with more confidence.


Consider Comfort


If you are browsing used cars for yourself, it is important to consider your range of motion and physical limitations. For example, if you have arthritis in your knees, look for a car with extra leg room and seats that adjust automatically. The more easily you can get in and out of your car, the more you can enjoy driving it.


Mileage and Usage


The kind of car you buy should suit your driving lifestyle, especially when it comes to how often you will use the vehicle and who will be riding with you. For instance, if you plan to drive your grandkids around and need to install infant and booster seats, a four-door vehicle might be a better choice than a smaller two-door model. If you plan to travel long distances with your car, consider a model that is well known for its fuel economy and safety features so you can drive away the miles with confidence.


Payment Options


If you are helping your senior parents buy a quality used car, then you may want to research your payment options. It is wise to pull a down payment together, and the larger the sum, the more flexible your financing terms may be. Remind your parent or parents that they should include the cost of insurance and other fees into the total cost of what they can afford to pay monthly.


As a senior driver, you have a unique set of needs that can affect how you browse for used cars. However, you can improve your buying experience by understanding those needs and with a bit of planning.

What to Look at When Buying a Used Vehicle

When you are exploring the available used cars in your area, there are a number of things to consider. When you know what to look for, it streamlines the process and helps to ensure that you are happy with both the dealership and the vehicle that you pick.

The Dealership

It is imperative that you work with a dealership that is high in quality, so you want to take the time to evaluate them. You can head to the internet to check out reviews to get started. Once you determine that past customers have had a good experience, go there yourself and get a first-person view of what they have to offer.

Financing Options

You want to know what you qualify for, so financing is an important part of the process. When you are visiting the dealership, ask to speak to someone in the finance department. They will be able to give you a general idea of the options that are available.

Quality Vehicle

Used cars still come in excellent condition as long as you make the right choice. You want to talk to their dealership about any certifications, inspections and guarantees that they offer their customers. You can also ask about what happens should there be a major issue with the vehicle shortly after purchasing it. This gives you a better idea concerning how seriously the dealership takes providing quality vehicles.

Financial Agreement

You want to make sure that you can afford the vehicle that you want. Once you choose a few that you are interested in, crunch the numbers to see what the monthly payments and down payment will be.

It is best to take your time as you go through this process. You want to ensure that you are fully evaluating the dealership, your financing options and the vehicle that you choose. This ensures that all three of these elements give you what you need and are the best.

Tips for Finding the Perfect Used Car

Buying a car is a lot of fun! Like any big purchase, it can also be stressful if you’re not sure how to go about it. Fortunately, you can find a used car you love and make your purchase with confidence when you do some research, buy from a dealership, and take a test drive or two!


Do Some Research


The first thing you need to do is get an idea of the type of vehicle you want to buy. Consider what you will use your new vehicle for. If you have a long commute and often find yourself in cities where parking is tight, you will probably be looking for a smaller, fuel-efficient car you can zip around in with ease. If you enjoy the outdoors and want a vehicle you can take camping, you may decide that a truck with four-wheel drive is a better fit.


Buy From a Dealership


You don’t need to waste time, energy, and gas driving from place to place to see different cars. We have a large and diverse inventory of used cars you can explore in just one stop. You can test vehicles in a variety of makes and models, from different years, and with different options, to help you figure out which one will be perfect for you. When you buy from a dealership, you also have the expertise of our professionals to help you understand the different options you have and what will work best for you.


Take a Test Drive


The best way to figure out if a vehicle is the one for you is by taking a test drive – or several! It’s the only way to really get a feel for how a car handles, how comfortable it is, and how you feel behind the wheel. If you are trying to decide between different types of used cars that you are equally fond of, the test drive can help you make up your mind.


Buying a used car should be fun! Do your research, buy from a dealership, and be sure to take a test drive to find the perfect car for you.

What Makes Used Cars a Good Choice?

Ever thought about purchasing a vehicle? If you feel like you are putting out a lot of money each week on cabs that are taking you to the places you need to visit, you may prefer to buy your own vehicle instead. Our dealership has an impressively large collection of used cars that are available for purchase. The used options are a good choice for many reasons.


You Could Save Your Money


Once a car is previously owned, it is not longer nearly as expensive as it originally was when it was first brought over to the dealership. The idea of having something that looks stunning yet does not cost as much as the original asking price is always ideal. Why should you pay more than you want to spend out of your own pockets when our dealership offers high-quality used vehicles at a fraction of the cost? If you want to save without compromising your chance of driving a decent vehicle, come visit us and see what we have to offer to you.

There Are Plenty of Options


While saving money is a great reason to buy a used vehicle, another great reason is to have more options to look at before making any major buying decisions. It is not always a good idea to buy the very first car you see, so why not take your time look around our dealership and see what we have to offer? You may quickly find several cars that you could easily picture yourself driving in for years to come. If you want to have more than enough options, our dealership is the place to go.


Used vehicles are a great choice because they are often more affordable, but they are still in excellent condition. If you would like to have plenty of options and you want to save money on a car that will run well, come on down to our dealership to take a look at our inventory.

Things to Look for in a Used Car

There are a variety of things to consider when looking at purchasing used cars. From make and model, to size and pulling capability, the list of things is a long one. But after you know what kind of car you want there are several things to consider to help make sure you’re getting the right car for you.


A Good History


It’s always a good idea to know the history on any vehicle you’re considering purchasing. Many dealerships now offer history reports on their used cars. This tool allows the customer to take a look at mileage, repairs, age, and any other factors that might affect the vehicle. Once you’re satisfied that the car has a good history your sales agent can help you get to work on the next step.


Age and Usage
It’s also a good idea to know the details about any specific model you may be looking at. The year the car was made calculated with the amount on the odometer can help you figure how much the car has been driven. This in turn may help you figure out how much wear you can expect the vehicle to have. If you don’t mind a older car or a car with more mileage, you may be able to get a better price from your dealership.


Your Sales Agent’s Input
Many times your sales agent will know something about the car that might not be in the printed material. It’s a good idea to see if they have any added input that might help you make a decision. This is also the person you should talk to if you’d like to test drive the car.
Your local used cars dealership is there to help you choose the right car for you. Whether it’s walking you through the history report or sharing their knowledge on the vehicle, you can feel confident that they’re there to help.