Buying a Used Car: Tips for Senior Drivers

Whether you are a senior citizen planning to buy a used car or someone who is helping your senior parents or relative find a quality vehicle, older drivers have certain needs that you should consider before you buy. We would like to offer you golden-age drivers a few tips that can help you shop for used cars with more confidence.

Consider Comfort  

If you are browsing used cars for yourself, it is important to consider your range of motion and physical limitations. For example, if you have arthritis in your knees, look for a car with extra leg room and seats that adjust automatically. The more easily you can get in and out of your car, the more you can enjoy driving it.

Mileage and Usage  

The kind of car you buy should suit your driving lifestyle, especially when it comes to how often you will use the vehicle and who will be riding with you. For instance, if you plan to drive your grandkids around and need to install infant and booster seats, a four-door vehicle might be a better choice than a smaller two-door model. If you plan to travel long distances with your car, consider a model that is well known for its fuel economy and safety features so you can drive away the miles with confidence.

Payment Options  

If you are helping your senior parents buy a quality used car, then you may want to research your payment options. It is wise to pull a down payment together, and the larger the sum, the more flexible your financing terms may be. Remind your parent or parents that they should include the cost of insurance and other fees into the total cost of what they can afford to pay monthly.

As a senior driver, you have a unique set of needs that can affect how you browse for used cars. However, you can improve your buying experience by understanding those needs and with a bit of planning.

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