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"I recently had the pleasured of purchasing a great suv from GOLDINE MOTORS. 2012 BMW X5 First I have to say Thank you to TONY for your patience and humanity you really care about your customers, l really appreciate you, you’re an outstanding guy. Second the car runs like new it’s In mint condition very clean, I am very impressed with the service and friendliness of the staff, they even had an ICBC representative that made things even more easier. My overall experience was AMAZING very nice and friendly thank you Tony and staff I would recommend 100% to anyone ( family, friends and even strangers) who is looking for a great used car where you get your monies worth come to GOLDLINE MOTORS you will not be disappointed."

Elvis Britton, September 2018

"I recently purchased a great mountain vehicle from Tony at Goldline Motors. The 2012 Nissan Xterra Pro-4X we got is really a great truck. I was really impressed with the service I got, as well as the trade in value of my other vehicle. I drove a long way from the interior of BC to buy the truck, and Tony had everything arranged in advance. The whole transaction took less than 2 hours, and I was on my way. The organization and friendly communication leading up to the sale was awesome, as was the execution and having an ICBC rep come to the sales lot made for a seamless transition. Thanks Tony to you and your whole team!"

Larry Kelly, September 2018

"Tony, Ray did a great job fixing up the GTI. It runs noticeably smoother now and no hiccup/misfire that I could notice on the drive home.

Thank you for honouring your 1-month warranty commitment! The 2008 GTI is a blast to drive! We are really enjoying it." Andy Tam, May 2015

"I purchased an 07 BMW 735 from here from a dealer named Tony back in January, and am still satisfied with the purchase. I had most of my discussion with the dealer online, receiving a Carproof of the vehicle, inspection, safety, negotiating a *great* firm price (which was honoured without question upon purchasing), and booking an appointment for the test drive completely through Gmail.

Despite it being a used car dealership, where the worst of salesman may occasionally spawn, this one in particular was great to deal with- both in-person and online. I replaced the plugs on the car two months later upon hitting 100k, and the mechanic was impressed by how clean and maintained the engine was, suggesting the inspection and tune-up by Goldline was pretty well-done. No surprises is a good thing. That being said, minor dent was on the car which was taken care of by Goldline!

I will definitely recommend this dealership to anyone who would like to deal with an honest people & have smooth transaction, Thank you!" Alan Wong

"Goldline Motors doesn't have the best reputation but you have to keep in mind people will always post about bad experiences on the internet but not everyone will share the good. The fact that this business has been running for 8years+ in Vancouver says something. I bought a car (2003 Toyota Tacoma ) a couple months back and the salesmen were very professional and courteous. They took the time to cater to my vehicle needs and gave me many options.

Don't expect to have much leverage bargaining as these prices are the lowest on the market but the service and tune up package they threw in sealed the deal. My now 12 year old car runs just as good if not better than that piece of junk 2012 Dodge I bought brand new.and for a fraction of the cost.

THANKS GOLDLINE !! Johny Yung March 2015

"I found a fantastic deal on Auto Traders on a 2014 RAV4. First I was shocked by the price! Because all of their prices is the lowest in the province ! I will be honest; I was apprehensive about going to this dealer since it has had some poor history/reviews online. However, Tony offered to meet me at the ferry to test drive the car, as I was coming to Vancouver by Ferry. While the place is not your fancy showroom but is professional look, nice & clean but it's not like I experienced before at the Fancy Toyota dealership here. The staff are all super friendly! The car was there waiting for me and so was Tony. I was able to take the car for a test drive and it was exactly how Tony had described to me over the phone. Mint condition.

There was an issue with getting the spare keys but Tony followed up with me and was able to locate the keys from the previous owner. I liked that he didn't give up- even though, the car was already sold to me - he persisted and managed to produce 2 more sets of keys for the vehicle.

I would recommend this dealership. Great price. Great people." K Baltazar May 2015

"I had the pleasure of purchasing my Mercedes ML320 from Amir of Goldline Motors. It doesn't happen often but I must say the experience was outstanding and here's why.

Amir made every effort to ensure all of my questions and concerns were taken care of. After 28 days of purchasing my vehicle I noticed a power steering leak and called Amir . Expecting excuses and delays as the car was sold almost a month ago! I was amazed Amir called me back immediately and looked after the problem the next day, as their cars come with 30 days warranty on everything!

The unexpected repair cost $2,000 to replace the rack and pinion which was covered 100% by Goldline . Best experience ever!!!!! Will recommend Goldline to all my family and friends.

Thank you Amir for your excellent service and Thank you, Goldline for such support to customers." Mathew Heibert January 2015