The Two Best Things About Getting Used Car Service From the Dealership

Many people mistakenly believe that by getting their car serviced at the dealer they will spend more and be tricked into needless services. This simply isn't true. In fact, there are many reasons why your dealer offers the best service for used cars.


Trained Staff


Our service staff is trained on the specific makes and models of the vehicles we sell. That is what they work on day in and day out. A local garage, though, may not see your make and model too often. They may not be trained on that type of vehicle. When you get serviced by our repair shop, you know that the people working on your vehicle are specific trained in how to fix and manage issues in your type of vehicle.


Aware of Issues


Our service techs are in the loop when it comes to recalls or other common issues with specific vehicles. They will be able to tell you if a problem is something that is common or that has been part of a recall. This could save you a lot of because recall work is done free of charge, but only by approved service centers, like ours.




The same as with recalls, warranty work can only be done by approved repair shops. We are usually able to do the work free of charge for you, depending on your warranty terms.


Another warranty involves is the guarantee of the work done. Small repair shops often don't offer such a guarantee. With our service center, though, you do get a guarantee for the work done, so if the problem reoccurs or the fix didn't work, you can get it fixed by us again and often with no charge.


When you need to get your car serviced, you have options, but it is well worth considering our service center. We have a lot to offer over small, independent garages. You should always consider the perks of using our garage before making your decision.

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